8M X 2.1M End Linked Flat Packed Container Bundle (Powder Coated)



End-on-end linking of flat pack storage containers is a fast and easy method of creating storage for long lengths of materials. The combination of two x 4m green powder coated containers joined together gives an internal length of 7.56m.

This bundle comprises:

  • 2no 4m flat pack galvanised stores (QF257)
  • 1no end linking kit (QF582)

This makes this combination of units especially popular with construction companies, utility companies and self-employed tradespeople (such as electricians and plumbers). This set-up is also popular with sports clubs and youth groups for storing longer items.

The powder coated green (RAL6005) makes the store ideal for discreet use especially if its being used at home, in the garden or on a sports field.

This configuration continues to provide all the benefits of the flat pack storage range – notably that the individual components can be moved by hand and erected in challenging positions behind or even within buildings.

Please note that with these 4m containers you will probably need 4 to 6 strong people to assist if you need to move the parts to the erection area from drop off area by hand.

Within the linked range its possible to join or add different combinations of the 2m stores, 3m stores and 4m stores to create the optimum size for the equipment you need to store and for the space available. There is no limit to how many containers can be joined together and doors can be fitted at both ends if required for maximum flexibility for loading and unloading goods and materials.

Please note flat pack containers can only be joined in one direction eg: side-by-side or end-on-end in the same structure.

This linked flatpack container bundle is available for sale and delivery throughout the UK. Add to lorry to calculate delivery cost to your postcode.


External Length (m) 7.86
External Width (m) 2.14
External Height (m) 2.09
Internal Length (m) 7.56
Internal Width (m) 1.99
Internal Height (m) 1.95
Door Width (m) 1.25
Door Height (m) 1.88
Weight (Flatpacked) (kg) 842
Weight Heaviest Part (when Demounted) (kg) 153



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