Side by Side Linking Kit for Flat Pack Office (3.3m)



Product Details

Powder coated in RAL6005 the 3.3m cabin side-by-side linking kit is used for linking two 3.3m flat pack cabins side by side. The linking kit allows a larger and wider accommodation space to be created. In addition to the linking kit please do not forget to add a second cabin to your online order.

Alternatively an end-on-end linking kit can be used to link 3.3m flatpack cabins end on end with any other 2.3m, 3.3m, 4.3m flatpack cabins to create a longer and narrower space.

Please note that flat pack cabins can only be linked in one direction at a time (side-by-side or end-on-end).

Flatpack Office Linking Kit Benefits

  • Galvanised and Powder coated for long service
  • Create larger spaces and maximise use on space on-site
  • No need for expensive cranes, essential if you have restricted overhead access
  • Quick and easy installation

Side by Side Linking Kit for Flat Pack Office


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