Vaping Shelter for Sale



Product Details

This vaping shelter is available for sale.

With more and more people choosing to vape rather than smoke, restrictions on vaping indoors and the need to provide a separate space from smokers, has created the need for the vaping shelter. We have recently seen significant demand for the Ebonkie Portables vaping shelters.

The Portable Space vaping shelter provides a robust suitability ventilated space where vapers can keep dry.

Typical Uses

  • Construction projects
  • Sports clubs
  • Offices
  • Events


  • All steel construction

Product Specifications

External Length (m) 2.991
External Width (m) 2.438
External Height (m) 2.591
Internal Length (m) 2.84
Internal Width (m) 2.35
Internal Height (m) 2.39
Door Width (m) 2.34
Door Height (m) 2.28
Floor Type 28mm Marine Ply

Vaping Shelter for Sale


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